tutor | joseph kiprianos


This comprehensive design studio entails from the students the integration of questions of structure, building assemblies and environmental systems within a design experimentation. Students must develop the design proposal into a fully detail solution documented using various media at appropriate scale. In continuity to what have been addressed in theory courses, students shall be able to explain, discuss and defend their own concepts based on selected theoretical readings that discuss ideas, function and aesthetic. Students are supposed to analyze previous studies of well-known designers allowing them to gain theoretical backgrounds. The philosophy of this studio builds upon the inevitable reality that shook our country. Devastating events do not have a filter, they do not differentiate between race, religion and gender. The idea of designing a worship space that is completely detached from religion was first proposed in the “Faith” architecture competition taking place in Beijing, China. Set in the area of Medawar, facing the unrecognizable port, the students had to find answers to the following questions all while creating a memorial that responds to the current events. Where do people go in search of peace/hope/solitude? What kind of places can resonate such feelings? What will the intersection of faith and faithless look like? What will be the form of a place where this acceptance of all faiths is manifested in architecture? If a Centre inclusive for every faith is to be made, what would such a place look like?

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