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This comprehensive design studio entails from the students the integration of questions of structure, building assemblies and environmental systems within a design experimentation. Students must develop the design proposal into a fully detail solution documented using various media at appropriate scale. Design studio VII aims at preparing students to develop a complex comprehensive design proposal integrating structural, environmental and safety issues into the design process. In continuity to what has been addressed in theory courses, students shall be able to explain, discuss and defend their own concepts based on selected theoretical readings that discuss ideas, function, and aesthetic. Students are supposed to analyze previous studies of well-known designers allowing them to gain theoretical backgrounds. Death is a fundamental part of the human existence, and its impact on us has inspired some of the most important architectural achievements in human history. Students were tasked with designing a columbarium for one of the most iconic cemeteries in the world, Forest Cemetery in Riga, Latvia. The columbarium would accommodate 500 niches for family memorials, allowing loved ones to be laid to rest in the company of some of Latvia’s most influential figures. In addition to this, students were asked to create a comprehensive landscape design solution for the entire cemetery. This project was a chance for the students to reflect on life and death, and communicate their relationship to the concept through architecture. How can architectural design help in the grieving process? What makes it a respectable place of solace where loved ones can visit those that have passed on?

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