tutor | tarek zeidan


The Design VII studio focused on rethinking the current urban form between the city and its port and the regulations that have generated high-rise residential and office buildings on this edge.
The neighborhood bordering the port has evolved with time, adapting to the continuous changes, and reestablishing the city’s edges according to the needs of the district. The site in question is one of the closest points to the area of the explosion of August 4th.
The condition of site was specific: a 35m deep excavation below grade level.
The studio tasked the students with designing a cultural landmark that commemorates the recent events at this location that was once the limit between the land and the sea. Students conceived a heterogeneity of architectural responses transitioning from above ground to below ground, solid versus fluid, static versus dynamic, urban structures versus marine structure. The discussions and process sparked a focus on issues of carving down, daylight, circulation, continuity with the street life, inversions of common practices, and the atmosphere and experience through the underground space.

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