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Design Studio VIII challenges creative potentials, culminating in the formulation of authentic interior architecture, integrating different design mediums and disciplines. Student’s projects are to reflect a design process and thinking with an artistic, social, and problem-solving approach.
Interior architecture readings and precedents are studied in accordance with each student’s individual theme of project.
Students are encouraged to endeavour in creating a parallel between their imagination and the world in which we live in. Focusing on the relationship between interior architecture and the existing environment, addressing existing adversities and dystopias. Interior architecture ought to reflect then to inspire.
Design Studio VIII allows each student to individually explore an important contemporary theme in interior design and develop a synthesis within a project of their choice. Particular attention will be drawn in this case on the simultaneous development of design through contemporary representational media. The final project should develop from a critical study that simultaneously addresses the various theoretical and technical aspects of the design within the parameters set for the final project.
Each student proposes a project intention, chooses a location, and analyses the corresponding components as of the site, the program, the existing plans, the concept… Etcetera. What follows throughout the semester is the preliminary design, design development and detailing.
Each student is encouraged to aspire to a unique process with the total freedom of expression. That is, using any medium of choice that she or he finds most powerful in conveying their design intentions.

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