tutor | jamil assaly


In this final project, my students were requested to design and develop a full-fledged interior architecture project of their choice. They started off by writing a statement of intent for their project and suggesting a site that accommodates best their project’s program needs in all aspects: location, volumetric and spatial potential.
As a first step, to be able to embark in their project’s concept and design strategy, students conducted a thorough study and understanding of the building and its surroundings, scrutinizing and questioning the building’s components from its history, to its initial and present function, to its structure and its aesthetic features.
This study helped them take the adequate decisions in regard to their project’s integration within their building.
The objective of this design studio was based on the students’ spatial sensibility towards the designated site, on their design process in relation to the program’s complexity, as well as on their project’s functionality and spatial experience through advanced contemporary representational media in their deliverables.

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