tutor | sophie khayat


This studio develops around one project which synthesizes each students’ personal, cultural and aesthetic journey while exploring the relationship between interior spaces and the human body, in an attempt to identify how design can serve the community while adapting to new conditions.
As a response to the current challenges, and while envisioning a better future, the students explored various topics of cultural, educational, social, humanitarian and environmental aspect, reflecting on contemporary design issues and their effect on the users’ experience and the community.
The four projects are based on narratives revolving around the idea of spatial exploration and users experience; Lynn Jaroudi proposed a self-reflecting architectural journey in repurposed fuel tanks; Hana Bakri reused the Arc-En-Ciel building, creating platforms as a means for educational interactivity; Najat Bourghol designed a library as a tribute to Arabic calligraphy; Dana Kabbani offered a space for social interaction for youth.

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