diana moukhallalati

The Site is a focal point that has a Central Location where tourists that are either Lebanese or foreigners meet to be part of an experience that indulge in some of the senses either through touch, smell, taste or even sight. These experiences are experienced in two ways by foot and visual, thus encountered through touristic services and functions such as restaurant, market and museum while passing through pit stops going through each level by using the elements that are existing on site to integrate tourists in the building example the windows which are considered the focal point and main tool; out looking certain touristic places by viewing through the frame of the windows; thus transferring the building into urban observatory.
The intention of the NGO; Live Love Lebanon
is to increase tourism in a city that is not well- known for its heritage and unique attractions and fundraise Lebanon Tripoli on a physical touristic map instead of visual; thus bringing them from Instagram to reality. Therefore, putting it on a map.

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