A very narrow high rise tunnel split in two by a revisited bare patio. Allowing an invasion of light: a purposely placed and well thought interruption forcing an in and out interaction. Also serving as a centered spotlight sparking into the shadowed spaces
Children that are recently diagnosed by a certain disease and especially cancer, should be prepared for a drastic change in their lives and lifestyles. The best introduction to this temporary battle’s change is through a person who has been through the same already.
In my living unit, a newly diagnosed patient will live and share his journey with a survivor who is going to volunteer to be his guardian angel in order to prepare and help him overcome the tough period and bring hope and light into their lives.
Starting with the geographic location, being in the heart of the city of Beirut, close and accessible to everyone; and most importantly, the fact that there is no existing cancer center in LAUMC, which, based on personal experience, felt like it was much needed and unequalled. I have decided to place my unit in the LAUMC – Rizk Hospital located in Ashrafieh, Lebanon. More precisely, in the open courtyard centered between the blocks forming the whole entity of the hospital.

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