Feiruz Tarif + Carine Katcherian

After the study of the strip starting from Beirut to Jounieh, the informality of bus stops was noticed throughout the strip journey, and as a result, several bus stops and stations were allocated in strategic locations that are accessible to the public conveniently. The proposal focused first on dedicating a road lane for the public buses to accelerate the passenger’s journey, second on implementing a tram line on the seaside of the strip, and third on establishing bike and pedestrian lanes facilities to reinforce the connection between residential, commercial, and sea areas.
In this case, the main stations’ location to work on was chosen with the main idea of “renaturation of Fawwar river” knowing that it’s the main second largest river in Lebanon yet left in poor conditions and inaccessible to the community as well as with the idea of reestablishing sea shore activity at the beginning of Dbayeh marina which at the moment is also left unimpressed.
In the first station towards the marina, the concept was to integrate the programs needed for the tram and bus station together, and to reach that, separate volumes were located far from each other where one would serve for the bus activity and one for tram activity and obviously have the common activity chances allocated in the two volumes. Designing that led to the canopy design where the tram would pass below it accompanied by the bike and pedestrian lanes that are reinforced throughout the seaside of the strip. In the second station towards the river, the concept, in this case, was to connect river activity to the station as its location is the main hub for the people living in the direction of the mountains. Renaturation of the river was designed also to have bike and pedestrian lanes with lots of greenery along the way for an unusual experience in the middle of the city.
The connection between these stations was done by integrating water ponds and fountains below Antelias bridge to always remember the pedestrians how the water experience is infinite: starting from the river, to water ponds and fountains, to reach finally the sea. The pedestrian passage was also carefully placed in important places to ensure the safety and urban experience of users.

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