elie aoun

The site analysis focuses on the envelope skin reaction to Beirut August 4th explosion and how these different functional or aesthetic skins changed or preserved their shape, concluding three different aspects of envelopes.

While typology (A) serves as sleeping pods on the Ground Piazza, complementing the dynamicity of the street and public market, typology (B) is a studio apartment with a balcony forming a double skin on the outer side maintaining an internal urban passageway that forms up the common spaces. In Typology (C) the common areas are pushed to the outer skin forming a void and a double skin, which infiltrates to the inside of the unit.

The Project accommodates different needs overlooked before the explosion, whether through the residential or public functionalities, from the different typologies to providing food security through vertical water-storing silo to the community, or the urban farming platforms that bring self-dependency and long term sustainability of living.

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