elie aoun

The protracted economic depression is just one of the compounding crises in Lebanon, which is reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of the massive August 2020 Beirut Port explosions, as well as the persistent political instability.
All in all, as a consequence leading to a marginalization to the children’s and youths’ lives.
Hence the project, with its targeted program, comes in as a solution to all of the issues and shortages in services the children of the neighborhood are suffering.
Furthermore, Studies show that supervised and semi-structured activities in a community-based setting can reduce high risk behavior and promote positive behavior and social development.
Such strategies – and in particular in the portrayed Youth Recreation & Cultural Center which employs a well-integrated, diversified, connected, yet separated functional program, in which sports and leisure are directly intertwined, both physically and mentally – create a spatial sequence of functions that rectifies a coherent and fruitful behavior between the users.
In addition, ground level activities should all have direct access to the garden or court yards creating a community-based setting that promotes positive behavior and social development.

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