emilie el chidiac

The disconnection between Tripoli’s old city and the new city stems from a weak transition zone. Despite Tripoli’s negative reputation, it possesses thriving craftsmanship that should be showcased. A collaboration and partnership among Tripoli’s unique craftsmen can find a middle ground to leverage the city’s potential and promote it effectively. The international fair represents more than just abandoned architecture; it serves as a new link between the heart (Old Souk) and the brain (El Mina) of Tripoli. The creator of Brasilia envisioned a future for the city beyond the fair. By embracing Oscar Niemeyer’s vision, Tripoli can reconnect with its core through a contemporary perspective. The Homage is a design hub as well as an accommodation space that will focus on the city’s existing art and craftsmanship, providing a space for Tripolians to execute and display their work. This design district will attract people to collaborate, tackle urban issues such as transportation and accommodation, and compensate for Tripoli’s bad reputation through cultural, hospitality, and crafts tourism.

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