farah al noss

Mindful of the effect of our diet on our lives, Vegalo restaurant offers vegetarian cuisine that allows vegetarians a variety of options, and non-vegetarians to choose healthy meals. Upon their arrival, customers are welcomed by a panoramic view of the restaurant, inviting them to decide whether to order a bowl from the seasonal menus, or make their own Buddha Bowl from the buffet. Making their own bowl creates a sense of self-sufficiency that permits everyone, even when in a rush, to still opt for healthier meals. The idea of self-sufficiency is promoted by the flow of movement created by the curved walls which is then endorsed by the fluid gradient of colours that define different zones, all while reflecting the vibrant fresh ingredients. Vegalo’s cuisine and its unique introverted space will allow it to stand out yet blend in, contrasting the crowded and noisy yet diverse Hamra street.

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