farah alnoss

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, our lifestyles and daily-activities changed immensely and with that we had to adapt to all those halts and changes. When our lifestyles change, the spaces we live in will also be affected, hence this project explores two main things, how the house has become not only a living space, but also our workspace, and how the residents can still interact with the outside world/nature within the safety of the parameter of their house.
The residents, a group of designers who own a company where they collaborate on projects, can interact and work together in the common area and reside at the four interlocking units. This new program prevents any halts or obstacles in the residents’ work or productivity. Projected into the void, the project’s location allows them to have a panoramic view and direct contact with the surrounding nature of the remote cliffs of the Seven Sisters in England.

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