fatima jaafar

Lebanon has been going through a series of unfortunate events from the port explosion, the pandemic that led to many businesses closing and an unprecedented inflation. The building, a previous Adventist church and school, is located along Damascus Street, on a vulnerable street, occupied mainly by families and elderly.
The project transforms the abandoned building into a multifunctional hub that caters for the needs of the youth with a focus on learning and design services. Bright Haus is a place that offers learning possibilities and courses as well as work opportunities and spaces for meeting and co-working.
By inserting a scaffolding system, a more flexible grid is created breaking the rigidity of the old structure. The steel skeleton is occupied by the more vibrant activities, mainly focused on learning in classrooms, workshops spaces and labs. The old structure on the other hand, hosts the more professional functions where jobs opportunities and work collaborations are created.
The scaffolding system doesn’t restrict itself to the interior spaces. It breaks the building shell at moments to initiate an event on the street façade or to occupy the roof terrace and the back gardens in a series of fun activities.

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