Social Resiliency

firas el hachem

Beirut has always been the center of attraction for many people and as a result of the lack of maintenance on the different urban level, the city has been noticing a lot of issues including the 4th of august event. In this sense, I was interested in creating an area in Beirut that can take some of the city center’ density and open people up to a lighter ambiance. At the same time Beirut has been noticing a lot of gentrifications in many areas preventing a proper social connection.

The area of Medawar acts as an isolated area separated from both land and sea due to the outdated urban planning. In order to regenerate the area, the project link both the Charles el Helou highway and the port area with a focus on the pedestrian circulation. As a result, the project can benefit karatina residents, the workers in the port while remaining inviting for other incomers to experience the place.

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