gabrielle farhat

As a result from the Beirut blast, the pandemic and the social, economical and political crisis, Lebanese millennials have been suffering from hardcore anxiety and depression. As a matter of fact, millennials are now considered the most stressed out generation in Lebanon. A big number of millennials are leaving the country and the rest are still stuck in an endless cycle of stress. The straining emotional burdin placed on millennials often pushes them to resort to meditation or any physical activity in order for them to escape reality.
In my design, I will create a wellness space that helps people reconnect with their inner selves, recenter their emotions and focus on their positive thoughts. My customers will embark on a meditation journey like no other, meditation is divided into three layers: body, mind, and spirit.
Each level of my building will have its own function following one of the layers of meditation. The three layers must be followed chronologically, one cannot come before the other, or even you cant have one without the other, in other words the three layers are co- dependent.
The more you progress in the hierarchy of the building, the more you are changing layers and finally reaching the goal of becoming a true meditation practitioner.

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