Charles Helou Station: An Urban experimentation

ghida assi

After a detailed analysis of the failing economic, financial, and political system in Lebanon, an urban art collective was proposed, which collects data from the urban environment and then turns them into urban art that raises awareness to the public. The collective works on programmatically replacing the dysfunctional urban agencies through a project that becomes a space for interaction, a platform for experimenting, and a space of meetings between professionals from different disciplines. Charles Helou Station, a failing infrastructural transportation facility, was chosen as the center of the project, shedding the light on the neglected connection with its urban context through linking the back Gemmayze hill with the station structure. A series of temporary plug ins on the port facade of the station exhibits urban art and raises awareness, which is also done by projections and screens up on the Charles Helou Highway. The inside of the station becomes a busy space for working, lecturing, and open spaces, while still retrieving the original intention of the station for parking. Another part of the project takes place in Electricite Du Liban, giving importance to the neglected urban piazza on Armenia Street side in Mar Mikhael, through a temporary open-air structure that gives the visitors a chance to experience the different levels of EDL vertically.

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