hammoud choucair

Change starts within on a micro scale of a neighborhood or a district. Having to change a new identity starts by the local people. Karantina has previously gone through many devastating historic and economic crises. People in Karantina were barely living a decent lifestyle and now after the blast there is no more life to live.
So in this sense the people’s lifestyle needs to be reinvented and saved so that the people will end up saving the city.
As we can see karantina has been transforming its typology and morphology and adapting to it.
It first started as industrial then a mix between residential & industrial, finally adding entertainment facilities as the nightclubs and sports center.
So what can be deducted that Karantina is a place that embraces production and its lifestyle is purely dependent on productivity and self-reliability.
My project aims in having a live, learn, teach and work community where everyone will be benefiting from its facilities and their community.
So in order to reach, the karantina was studied and became the generator in creating units where each unit will be having its own living and working.

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