hammoud choucair

Urban phenomenas can either stitch or disable a community’s dynamic urban development. In The city of Tyre I have established a spine that is the stimulator to the city’s historic, economic, cultural, and religious development. My study looks back on the history behind the urban phenomenon to understand how they have shaped the present and how can revive and retrace certain aspects and patterns to have a better future.
Based on the study done on historical urban phenomenas the hypothesis of extending the urban fabric and connecting the archeological site with the city of Tyre, the project aims to regenerate the historic and cultural pattern across an axis passing through both. Placing a public program inside Tyre, restoring, and rehabilitating old structures and ruins will help fight for its survival and, through architecture, counteract the control of space by stitching the zones together through the urban fabric.
Having a museum injected into two plots each with a main function tackling specific problematics in the area. This will allow permeability of the urban fabric and infrastructure by connecting the end users on an urban and architectural level.

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