hamza abdallah

Horsh Beirut and the Beirut Hippodrome were once connected and known as a huge 1,250,000m2 pine forest, with time it has been reduced substantially, taken over and fragmented. The Omar Beyhoum highway now cuts through and separates the Horsh and the Hippodrome. Furthermore, my design works on reconnecting these two green spaces as one open space in the city through a land bridge, continuing the natural beauty of the park. Therefore, people crossing still experience walking through a park, unaware of the traffic below. The bridge was designed through the structural system studied, through the arches, cables and vaulting. One function is present on each side of the bridge, on the Horsh side an Urban Farm, and on the Hippodrome side a Botanic Garden. In addition to that, there is a school of Horticulture on each side of the bridge in order to develop horticultural knowledge and raise awareness about planting techniques, methods and more.

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