Hana Bakri

The project provides a space for the non-profit organization Arc-En-Ciel that helps the marginalized find jobs, works on sustainibility, recycling, and on humanitarian projects.
I envisioned a building that unveils different types of spaces that communicate together, while the program brings back the marginalized at the center of attention. Located in Jisr-el-Wati, the building is a hub for markets and industries. My aim is to transform the outer facade into an extension of the street that attracts pedestrian and manufacturers into the space. As we go through the project, one is guided by a narrative that unfolds as we get to see different moments of encounter, experiencing the space through an educational promenade. With integrated soft work, groups bond together and form communities. By playing with inner and outer facades, the project becomes a small city with dedicated private spaces and communal shared piazzas.

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