hoda fleyfel

The house is a Mental Device and Filter as much as it is a Protection for our Fragile Bodies. It houses our Dreams and Fantasies, Memories and Desires, Fears and Whishes in addition to Facilitating the Physical acts of Dwelling.
– Juhani Pallasmaa, Preface from Nesting: Body, Mind Dwelling by Sarah Robinson
A Room for two
A Room for two, a single mom with her autistic son. Articulating spaces and identifying their functions in a way to cater for the needs of the clients. Via working on the Rotational Impact of the Void in this house in a way to cater for peeking spaces by manipulating elements of architecture to allow the son to feel the presence of his mother not only visually but also by relating to the dwelling by his senses.
The System: Can we live together?
Karm el Zeitoun is a village within the city, a system that has been abused and distorted to an abuse of linearity creating a multi layered city. After studying the area, working on Generating a catalyst to revive this area to produce a scheme on housing several generations under one roof, by an orchestrated machine that goes up and down and bridges from, manipulated to cater for social interactions.

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