jad kabbani

Nicknamed the staircase movie due to hefty amount of stairs the concept of leveling was achieved extracting and drawing the stairs of the movie has allowed to the creation of a specific grid which created the illustration with the voids acting as the landing of the stairs.
The grid has also allowed for the creation of the first dynamic volume.
From there the model has been flipped to achieve the idea of verticality where the interior spaces and circulation are arranged.
Choosing shibam as vernacular architecture and implementing it into the final stage of the project.
Since it’s the best example of vertical construction that responds for the necessity for fortification and protection from Bedouin attacks, the idea of defense is implemented in the project by making all the main facade concrete monolith with narrow slits that run along all the sides, nesting the structure on the side of the mountain, the structure was also connected to the mountain by bridges. Which allowed the connection to be both vertically and horizontally between the floors and caves creating a loop 
Through this project, I reimagined the essence of defense architecture into the design of a unique and intriguing architectural form.

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