jana abou hatab

A Hamam and a spiritual space, based on the L-shaped configuration defining a central void from Eisenman’s House X. The visitors start their journey on the upper floor and go down the different levels towards the spiritual space simultaneously with the water flow. The path starts in the residential space which is profane, then the visitors go through the Hamam which is a transitional space both profane and sacred before arriving to the sacred space connected to the piazza.
Transitional spaces are semi-private dynamic spaces that connect static spaces. They can be individual or collective, movement or pause and can take the function of the adjacent spaces. The unit includes an open collective space where the teenagers interact with the elderly living there, before meeting the psychological therapist. My system is composed of 3 regular and 3 inverted units that are connected through lightwells, courtyards, urban corridors, hallways and bridges like in the studied precedent Seijo Townhouses (Sanaa).

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