jana abou hatab

My concept is about the out of control moments. I chose the flooding scene where things go out of control and which is preceded and followed by normal controlled moments. In the line illustration, the dynamic out of control lines interrupt the order of the straight controlled lines creating in solid black the obstacles. The pictures of these obstacles and the whole composition are also interrupted and fragmented by these dynamic lines. In the architectural project, the path of circulation goes out of control. The obstacles, namely natural elements such as light, garden and water, disturb and divert the circulation path to the opposite direction, stopping it from continuing in a normal straight way. As for the vernacular aspect, I chose the Trulli, namely houses with a part of the roof in V-shape that helps collecting rainwater. I chose water as element for my intervention because in the flooding scene it was the element that made things go out of control. But in my project, instead of trying to stop water from entering the project, I tried to control it and make use of it by collecting rainwater through slanted surfaces in water tanks then distributing it through channels in different directions.

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