jean boustros

The plot is located in the heart of Tayyouneh/Badaro security hot zone. The invasive and non-discreet security measures taken around the military compound widened the gap between the institutions and residents.
The aim of the project was to make a secure yet inviting space by implementing the concept of transparent security. A program was developed to bridge the gap between institutions and the residents, by developing inclusive residential units. In addition to a rehabilitation facility that will give the veterans a new purpose to serve their communities.
The project was designed to create an inviting ground floor by placing two public spaces linked by an axis that opens up to commercial activities. In addition, two semi private inner courtyards connects the residential clusters. Finally, the rehabilitation facility acts as a link that connects all functions together, while the project links the fragmented neighborhood spatially, economically, and socially.
The carved out spaces on the facades of the residential volumes provides light, ventilation, and links the residents to the courtyard, and the city. The design of the facades opens up inner ward in contrast, it takes more of a conservative approach outward for maximum privacy.
The aim of the project is to offer a secure and inviting space that is inclusive and socially diverse for a perfect interactive space to relink Badaro’s fragmented neighborhood and bridge the gap between its residents and the institutions.

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