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The purple theme used throughout the presentation presents the color of a bruise; a bruise that all the people in Lebanon suffered from after the tragedy of August 4th.
Lebanon continues to shift through the wreckage from a massive explosion that leveled Beirut on August 4th. At least 300,00 people have lost their homes, yet they all gained a mark: A mark of fear and a mark of hopelessness in this corrupt country. They do not need houses; they need a home. They do not need pity, but rather a sense of hope and a better tomorrow. The spacing between the old wall limits and the new steel structure of the Cabrela House stands as a passage from old to new; a passage from yesterday to tomorrow. The window located in the passage between the outside limit walls and the new Cabrela House extension represents a memorial of what once was the cause for all the damage in Beirut: The Port.

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