kamar shamieh

This studio’s design focuses on rethinking the residential units in one of the affected buildings by August 4 explosion in Gemmayze, Beirut. My design focuses on the creation of a healthy environment without sacrificing the idea of a warm house. A lot of measures have been followed and applied to protect occupants from viruses which put their lives at risk whether it is Co-Vid or another. It addresses a family of 4 individuals of 3 different generations. Thus, the challenge was to create spaces that would allow for connection without physical proximity, bring nature in and provide areas to carry out functions usually performed outside the house while maintaining a welcoming environment. This has been achieved through designing the space volumetrically rather than in 2d plan incorporating Adolf Loos’s concept, Raumplan. As a result, split levels and spaces of varying ceiling heights have been created to maintain a traveling gaze between them. Not to mention, the separation of office space from the main residential unit and placing the sanitization area as the buffer zone between outside and inside, decreasing the rate of virus transfer.

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