kassem fattah

Armenia street runs along like a carpet that’s home for the vibrant commotion of the people of Mar Mikhael. It acts as home for the restless nocturnal, a city for all people but specifically the city of the night. Staircases climb between every few buildings, leading far ahead of what you can see from the main streets, recurrent, as if to remind you to explore what is beyond the crowded ambience of the cramped Armenia. One trip from the Vendome staircase to the endless paths of the above neighborhoods revealed why Mar Mikhael’s context feels so welcoming. Its people do not live near each other, they live together. To preserve this dynamic, the intention of this design is to frame the lives of the residents in relation to the surrounding ‘people-scape’, in addition to acting as a stimulus for social interaction. Thus the narrow building that runs along the façade of the site, closest to neighboring residents. It acts as a threshold for the street and the leveled courtyard that mimics the topography of the streets of the neighborhood. Spaces act as an extension for the public, another structure reminiscent of Mar Mikhael’s turns, levels, dead ends and all the roads and staircases that lead to Armenia.

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