kinda dekmak

The installation of a hotel located in the Gemmayzeh neighborhood was decided upon after the study, the localization and the identification of assembly points of people benefitting from precise functions around site, by mapping these assembly points one could notice how the street of our plot is considered calmer than the surrounding ones, making it more of a transitional space from a gathering to another. The hotel could make use of the calm aspect found in this street all while reviving it by responding to people’s needs. The hotel aims to focus on the lifestyle characterized in the area transformed into architectural moments, always reminding that the prominent aspect of this hotel resides in its location in an important historical street, in contrast to other accommodation facilities around the region that focus on the luxurious aspect that disconnects people from the real environment. The journey in the project starts with a communal hub that allocates different functions serving in one big open unit where maximum interaction is encouraged, reaching the upper levels there is the private zone, the hotel rooms. The block of the hotel as a whole follows the scalability found around the region. The residential units follow a certain layout that makes all the rooms benefit from a visual connection to the Gouraud street, maximizing sunlight and ventilation, the apartments overlook each other through the mean of balconies, a trait strongly found in Gemmayzeh street.

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