the urban village

Kinda Dekmak

A simple promenade around vendome stairs to younes gebaily street can tell how welcoming residents are to strangers as you are greeted with sudden invites into their home & spontaneous chitchat. Random conversations between neighbors can be overheard considering they interact from adjacent balconies, exterior stairs, shared entrances, and building offsets used as backyards. These voids act as social condensers in this part of the region. Through further observation of the neighbors behavior at different time intervals, you comprehend that this part of the city, with its dynamics, acts as a village, thus the main design intention of this project. This project translates to an urban village that maintains continuity throughout the neighborhood, thus entering it does not feel like entering a unit but rather a community with voids translated to maximize the interactions between the individuals, and connections to the plots beside it allowing shared services. The project is accessed by a central courtyard acting as “sehet el Dayaa” and all the functions happen to revolve around it, answering to “the girls boarding school” by Gion caminada’ rationale. To preserve some privacy, the student residents have their own entrance, but always in contact with the public on different levels, and even though each two students share one unit, ones privacy is assured through the play on partition. All the units overlook the central piazza, thus always in connection with the neighborhood surrounding it.

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