The volume is almost transparent to its surroundings. Nature and the river nearby invade the house. The volume is lifted from the ground; creating a floating feeling. The Unit envisioned to host people who love fishing. They will be sharing common experiences and different techniques and will even attract fish lovers to taste and appreciate their fresh catch.
Located on the eastern sides of Qornet el-Sawda and only 25 kilometers away from The Cedars, the site (700 m2) is surrounded by mountain hills, ponds, and a beautiful lake Ouyoun Orghosh. Accessible only between early summers until before the first snowfall. Mainly trout is available for fishing. Oyoun Orghosh is easily reached from Bcharreh and The Cedars and is clearly signposted from there.
The reason I chose Oyoun Orghosh is because it is easily accessible by car; and will help attract a wide variety of fishermen/women to the area thus expanding touristic attractions in North Lebanon. It is a perfect space as it is a flat land, with a spread of nature surrounding it.

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