leyla abou chedid

In a circular economy, a productive city is an active city. Cities that make physical activity a priority, and design environments for people to be active will create a culture and legacy of physical wellbeing. My project identifies such potential for Beirut along the former Fouad Boutros Highway, and converts it to a cultural artery of physical activity. The active artery starts with a strategic project- a social condenser of sports and communal activities. Organized as a vertical arrangement of sport stadiums and open spaces, the project allows porosity of circulation to become the link between the informal/flexible areas and the fixed/ formal sport typologies. Multiple entrances are located at the different corners of the project, integrating an outdoor circulation within its first three levels to allow passer-bys to use the project as a shortcut. The project’s cascading ground elevates to upper levels in a serie of training platforms and terraces, establishing a dialogue between the project and the city’s skyline.

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