lor kassem

This project focuses on creating a folly by the beach inspired by the precedent, “House With Clear Shapes And A Complex Entrance”. It consists of two overlapping and intersecting volumes, its most interesting aspect.
The folly proposes a specific relation between the exterior and the interior. I decided to convert the concept of this house to one with complex shapes and a clear entrance, thus, creating “A Simple Complexity”. I started questioning, how can I experiment with this intersection? We rarely find people -except for those with a specific purpose- down on the beach rocks. How can my project act as a connection that allows people who don’t often step down there to live this experience? I placed one volume on the corniche and another on the beach rocks, with a staircase connecting them. Every moment generates a unique experience: the all-black exterior contrasting the whitewashed entrance, temporarily uncomfortable striking red staircase leading to a warm comforting zone with walls that are cladded in wood with a cornered glass view to the sea.

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