lynn issa

Placed between two buildings, the front façade of the spa is facing the main street. It’s designed to be almost plain, to blend with the surroundings and to create the needed curiosity to come visit and discover what is inside. A precedent on Saudi Arabia was an inspiration in articulation this design.
The other long façade faces the neighborhood garden and communicates with it through different types of openings.
On the Inside, vertical structural elements act as connectors between the horizontal slabs. This creates visual connections between the otherwise divided slabs. The columns change form and function depending on the level and function. On some levels, the columns become built-in furniture also inspired by a Japanese architectural precedent.
Visual connections through the slits in the right and left columns and through the stairs/ circulation, create an effect of overlooking between the different levels and allow in some cases, the users of the spa to see without being seen.  

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