lynn issa

Walking through the alleyway, we discover many doors and open windows of abandoned, empty houses. Each one of them has its own story. The broken windows reflect the houses’ insides, the interior became part of the exterior and the private became accessible to the public. In the model, volumes added to the opened windows accentuate the void, emptiness and gloominess of the alley. At the end, we notice laundry outside, a family is living there. Is this a new beginning?  
Different moments were felt and captured: first, the atmosphere is cold, strange. The obscurity and emptiness of the place are emphasized by the destroyed houses caused by the port’s explosion.
The blast expelled the inside of the houses outside on the alleyway, blurring the conventional thresholds. This moment was explored in a mechanism that is performed in slow motion to be then frozen in time and translated into a space.

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