Lynn Jaroudi

In this world where privacy doesn’t exist anymore, and in which we are all co-dependent, I would like to create a project that pushes people to self-reflect and reconnect with themselves by taking a journey to rediscover who they are. At the end of the journey, people are encouraged to meet up and interact with each other, and with the outside world through the public outdoor spaces.
The site I chose, is suitable for such project because of its secluded location and proximity to the sea which creates a peaceful environment. The three fuel tanks will be repurposed and used to accommodate the functions, and will act as landmarks in this wide open space.
This will create a “promenade architectural” where people will walk inside and around the tanks, each giving a different experience. Visitors will connect with themselves or with others through the different spaces and activities, such as the exhibition area in the circular ramp, the workshops, the enclosed and dark viewing tower that frames specific views, the cafe that offers a pause to the visitors, the audio- visual spaces creating a unique experience based on light and sound, the reflection area projected to the sea, and the music hall in which the experience is shifted every time.

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