mia machakka

The legend of Gaia and Jacob has spread all over our world, the legend of the banished ones. Books turned holy about them spread quickly, repulsing the masses. However, a very peculiar group of people took fascination upon the story so much so that they now worship the sinners. They gathered each other from all across the world and started communicating through an encryption system embedded in books. The skillfulness of the six followers resulted in them working tirelessly to retrace the footsteps of their Gods. Consequences were catastrophic, and once again, upper powers decided to rely on their trusted parallel universe and therefore banished these people along with Gaia and Jacob. As an homage to their journey towards the parallel universe, they have decided to create a living complex where books play a central role in their daily lives. This is far from being a vacation, in fact, time does not affect them the way it affects us. They do not have the ability to die or to age which means they are stuck there alone for eternity.

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