mia sawaya

Light create a sensorial experience in relation to the exterior and the interior. These possibilities of light, along with the circulation come together as a form of sense and direction. The design is inhabited by two personas, one of which has special needs. Water acts as the central element, around which the spaces are distributed. One’s senses are stimulated through light, sound, and the different temperatures in each of the spaces.
Project 2: Layer of Green
With Karm-el-Zeitoun’s steep topography, roofs have become easily accessible and part of the city’s circulation. Beside the infrastructural aspect, there’s a need for greenery. People create their own gardens as it brings them closer to nature. The notion of placing this layer of green onto the roofs initiated the unit. The arrangement of multiple units into a complete system reveals roof connections, temporary market and communal space connections, interior-exterior relations, and narrow passages.

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