nour diab

My site analysis was based on bliss street and how its vibrancy fades off into different interconnected roads and we start to see some of its residues in neighboring streets. Whereas its vitality cuts off at our site where it becomes tranquil and human interaction decreases and almost ceases to exist . In attempt to bring back the vibrancy to our site, I decided to invite bliss street into my site. To be able to accomplish this, I created an open air museum that exhibited participatory art engaging both the art work and the user into the exhibition. By doing so, I elevated my functions and placed my services under the ground floor in order to liberate the exhibition space and use the void in between for my artwork. This results in complete interconnection between the street and the exhibited art, increasing human interaction and social points at the boundaries of my site. The functions start to act as the roof of the project and the layering of the structure occurs in order to suspend the functions while maintaining the void. The circulation of the project is then placed in order to maintain the uninterrupted exhibition space, found in between the structure and the functions of the project.

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