nour jamil

After having tackled the urban and site analysis of Tripoli, many divisions were raised allowing us to understand the dynamics of the area. Zooming in on Tabbaneh area in Tripoli, its market, Souk el Khodra, consists of its strongest asset yet it’s weakest link as well. The markets through time have evolved from boxes on carpets to shopping mall centers. An aspect to take into consideration consists of the strip of markets extending from Tabbaneh to Old Tripoli, all in more or less bad conditions. Their diversity as well consists of an asset and a weak link. They are independent, each working alone with its own means and identity. But what if they worked together? What if they united and formed a mechanism? How would this mechanism affect the radiating area around them? Realistically uniting them won’t do any good, merging all the markets and their identities together isn’t the goal. The goal is creating a new hybrid market, a new hub, while implementing new strategies in it and new techniques allowing them to work as adaptable machines. This market would become L M T setting an example for others. The experiment’s aim is to tackle three markets and witness their radiating effect on themselves and on the areas around them all while transforming them into new Hubs desired by all other markets.

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