nour richani

A Pilot project on a macro-scale composed of buildings, art installations and public spaces on the green-line, that was once a symbol of separation and would become a symbol of unity, through education.
Two developed buildings, host classrooms, workshops, libraries, exhibition and recreational areas for primary and secondary students.
The main strategy in “Kamal building” is a subtraction- generating courtyards- and addition- plug in units for exchange students.
The main strategy in “The printing press” is creating split levels and an open staircase allowing better fluidity of circulation and visual connection, among additional ground floor flows; a patio created between the existing and the inner glass facades. Textile playgrounds are located in the interior and exterior of the building.
Finally, both buildings are connected by a bridge that leads one from the roof of the “printing press”, into one of the courtyards in “Kamal building” passing on existing buildings’ roofs.

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