nour safieddine

This ongoing pandemic and the situation that my home country is going through, the only thing I could hope for is a better future where all what we had to go through now makes sense. And with all the pain the last year has made us suffer, I plan to make my project a ‘retreat guesthouse’ where we find pleasure and peace after everything we had to go through, and where we all heal together. Sour is a peninsula and it lacks any retreat places or getaways. Tyre’s history goes way back to 2750 BCE where it was founded, with every perid in history Tyre had a different role, impact and ruler. This small city had a new layer through each period, and that’s where the inspiration of giving this heritage and iconic building a new layer which is ‘a retreat guesthouse’ with the theme inspired by the healing power of the ocean.
The program is built on the basis of offering many refreshing and different activities for the guests, with a therapy room, relaxation lounge area, salt inhalation room, fire therapy, pool area and a spa room.

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