pascal el maalouf

The Project is a reaction to an area where boundaries are indirect or practically inexistent. It is an independent sustainable community of housing units in an agroforest. This community takes the form of a compact limit, an inhabited boundary that degrades and dematerialize into the natural landscape of the forest. This process of dematerialization is divided into 3 personalities. The concrete sensual wall containing the housing units and the communal kitchen protruding. All the circulation happens on the north facade of this wall to create a dialogue with the existing residents. The opposite facade completely exposed, reveals the loop of the sustainable living. Habitants cultivate in the agroforest and store the outcome in the storage inspired by the work of the artist Tadashi Kawamata. A dematerialized and chaotic wooden tower blending into the organic language of the forest. Finally the market takes the form of a ramp connecting the road the existing stair and crossing the project as the only relation between this independent community and the outside.

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