pascal maalouf

Urban porosities where the means of interaction happen. The coexistence of commercials and residences is one of Gemmayze’s most prominent aspect. However, the interlocking of the two is rarely observed in the area. Many of new concepts are being planted one next to the other without really taking into consideration how the customer might develop a feeling of belonging like he does when he walks in the streets of Gemmayze, those corridor like thresholds that people love to inhabit. Thus, the challenge was to recreate this scheme in a homogeneous piece of architecture that will include the owner’s residence welcoming his customers as guests in a marketing house where many concepts and functions pop out to market the products that will be sold. The marketing strategy applies to architecture by positioning every function in a way to indirectly draw the customer’s attention on sales while enjoying his experience. These spaces are separated by sublevels maintaining visual connections through a continuous void that provides light and ventilation to the underground gallery. A series of longitudinal, transversal and exterior corridors revolving all around it, serves the transitional experiences from the coffee shop to the writer’s meeting area, the marketing area to its extending terrace attracting street passengers, and finally the working area to the conference room sharing a visual relation with the owner’s office. The books to be sold are kept in the user’s line of sight while circulating. The set of experiences is then designed in a way to keep the customer unintentionally and comfortably aware of the owner’s business.

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