Beirut City Landmark

racha zaghloul

The project revolves around redeveloping the east-west connectivity between Zokak el blat, Bachoura, and Saifi, and north-south towards the city center which is broken by the Fouad Chehab highway, dividing and changing completely the morphology in one area. This connection would enhance the locals’ social activity and life conditions within their neighborhood. Two plots were chosen for the project, one that belongs to Bachoura, and the other to Beirut Central district, on both sides of the highway, creating a connection underground, as well as above ground through structures connecting the landscape all together. The project gathers different functions; dedicated for the locals and the visitors; that are initially missing in the site, offering at the same time an archeological museum due to its underground location in BCD and Bachoura. Visitors would enjoy a journey in the project to look at the archeology while having several pitstops of different functions along the way.

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