ralph el khoury

An Astronaut and a Martian share a “home” without ever interacting. The two occupants engage in symbiotic activities allowed through a central, technical wall that links the different modules and provides them with vital elements. The structure expands also through horizontal layers that go underground to protect the human from radiation, which generates a static horizontal movement and a fluid vertical circulation.
Project 2 – Blurred boundaries.
Karm-el-Zeitoun is filled with boundaries that are displaced, moved, blurred, or removed. The social fabric offers an insight of a village in a city with unique characteristics and lacks interactions with the surrounding communities. The intervention intends to rejuvenate, reactivate, and reintegrate the area through the implementation of a device on the invisible margin between Karm-el-Zeitoun and Getaoui. A social experiment where the elderly and the youth share spaces and exchange experiences in a porous structure that invites the public in and pushes the elderly out to produce new interactions.

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