ralph khoury

An abandoned dwelling in Gemayzeh is trapped in time and space. The house was built in different phases, constantly adapting to the ever changing urban fabric of Beirut, until it was overcome by the jungle like structures surrounding it. The house is dwarfed, trapped and asphyxiated from the most vital elements, light and air, and a view to lookout from a window. Our site tried to adapt and survive in the constantly changing surrounding environment that keeps neglecting and ignoring it, and so I thought that the house should not be looking around and try to adapt and fit in anymore by adding floors and creating other setbacks like on the terrace but rather to stand out and look at itself, not physically but through its program and its keeper, an architectural historian who documents exhibits presents and looks at historic heritage, and that would be the building reflecting and looking at itself and ignoring, neglecting its surroundings.


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