ramzey hajj

After having set a concise definition and understanding of the term divided city, an identified neighborhood detached from its original context of Furn El Chebbak was examined. The constraints of this old neighborhood inspired an understanding of the present city divisions. An invasion of a new strip of high-end residential buildings appears raising the question of how these two neighborhoods will meet/clash. The aim of the intervention was to create a transitional zone acting as a mechanism to challenge the fate of this clash.
The project situates itself between the two neighborhoods taking into consideration four main characteristics: The invasion of the new, restoration of the past, preserving existing functions in the site, and a social intervention to connect the community. Accordingly, the project has three functions belonging to one main program being urban agriculture. The functions are: A technical school of Urban Farming, a visitors accommodation, and a public market for residents and travelers of a potential train station location. The public platform is accessible from the potential train station or through of the 6 exterior cores which function as a water supply as well which connect all of the project constituents to one another.

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